Help - Create New Account


1. Does the diocese have your e-mail address?

Access to the website is controlled by the diocesan database. If the diocese does not have your email address then you will not have access to the site. Access to the site is usually dependant on an individual having a active roll/post in the diocese although other individuals can be given access by request. The website is synchronised with the diocesan database every night.


2. Click 'Create New Account' to set up a new account with You will be sent an validation email.

This link will take you to a form that will allow you to enter your email address. So long as your email address is recognised by the website then the site will send you an email to validate your email address. The email may take a few minutes to arrive and will contain a link that will return a code to the website.


3. Click on the link in the email or paste it into your web browser.  

If your email address is not recognised by the form then please delete it and type it in again, this will double-check it was not slightly misspelt. If it still isn't recognised then please get in contact with your diocesan office and let them know you would like to access the site but can't create an account on


4. You should be told that your email address has been validated. Follow the response to proceed to the next page.

It is possible to accidentally request multiple emails, only the most recent email will contain a valid code.


5. Finally complete the form.

  Choose a password. You will need to select a password that is at least 8 characters long. Please do not use the same password that is associated with your personal email account. 

  Submit your personal information. Please provide your personal information as part of the agreement that allows you to access as per the Terms and Conditions of the web site that are specified at the bottom of the form. Please note that this information is not passed on to any third parties or published as part of the directory.

  Agree to the Terms and Conditions. Please read to the Terms and Conditions of the website before you proceed.


6. Your account will now be complete and your will be able to access the website..