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Create New Account

The Create New Account function allows the user to activate their e-mail address on the website. The email address must have first been provided to the Diocesan Office so that it can be added to the database. The user must then provide their own personal information to set up their account as per the Terms and Conditions of the web site. As part of this process the user will also be sent an email with a link to respond to in order to validate their email address.


Access to website is secured by the diocesan database. Only individuals who hold offices or have been entered onto the database and who have provided a valid e-mail address will be able to access the site. This security information is automatically synchronised with the diocesan office on a regular basis using encryption technology. When an individual comes to the end of their period in office their access also expires.


Please note that the diocesan office store and control the information that is published in the online directory. Any changes must be submitted to them either via the ParishInfo ‘Directory Changes’ form or by another method. Information that is submitted by the user as part of the ‘Create New Account’ process simply forms part of the agreement set out in the Terms and Conditions of the web site and is not passed onto the Diocese or any third party.


Contact Us

The 'Contact us' link opens a form that can be used to contact the diocesan office. It can be used if there is a problem logging into the web site or to provide other information relating to the use of the website. Information is send as an e-mail to the diocesan office. It maybe that the relevant diocesan office will need to be selected from a list.


When a user is logged into the web site it is possible to submit personal information to the diocese in a secure, encrypted way. Do not send confidential or personal information using the 'Contact Us' form.




If you are unable to access the web site please consider the following.